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      New Oregon ready 6 plant system
      Astrogrow Mini-Max Aeroponic System

6 Mondo Plants for Oregon Growers!

Introducing our exciting new system featuring the 6 plant system you have been asking for.

Designed to grow very large plants in a small foot print!  The most productive system available in a 6 plant configuration.  23 inches wide and 45 inches long.

No more soil, heavy lifting, or messy clean up.  In the time it takes you to read this you could place your first crop.  What are you waiting for?

$ 399.95




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What's Growing?
A collage of crops grown with Astrogrow aeroponic systems

Aeroponics Systems   by Ron Carroll 

Aeroponics is a term routinely used to describe several types of systems.

The true aeroponics system encourages the complete drain out of nutrient between cycles.  During this "dry" cycle air displaces the exiting nutrient.

In the pure aeroponics system the plants roots are allowed to fully drain while still in a humid, dark environment.  The roots are able to uptake more substantial concentrations of nutrient without burning as they are not continuously submersed.

NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technique.  Generally it is a flat bottom gutter type system.  It may have an extruded top which holds net pots or it may be open with pots placed directly into the bottom.  The nutrient flows past the pots by gravity in a thin film (due to the flat bottom) and most often continuously.  NFT systems have been successfully used in the commercial growing of lettuce.  They have no misters and must use a grow medium.  They don't oxygenate the nutrient well but are suitable for small plants.

Deep flow aeroponics systems are aeroponic because they use misters to oxygenate and distribute the nutrient and deep flow because they incorporate a riser into the grow chamber to prevent all the nutrient from draining out.  Systems of this type typically hold about one inch of nutrient in the grow chamber.  The accepted logic is that this provides a buffer if there is a power failure.  This "insurance" against electrical failure comes at the expense of productivity and more incidences of root rot and pathogens not generally experienced in the pure aeroponics system.

If there is a power failure the pure aeroponics system will be safe for several hours because the lights will also be off (this does not apply to greenhouses).

Bubbler aeroponics systems are like a bucket deep flow aeroponics system in that the roots hang into the nutrient in the bottom while being sprayed by misters above and / or exposed to bubbles from air stones below.  They will grow bigger plants than their sister deep flow aeroponics systems but are not as space efficient.  Moving around or through the plants is more difficult.  They also present the problems of root rot and pathogens.

Aeroponic systems from Astrogrow are pure aeroponic systems capable of growing extremely large plants.